JDE World Migration Acceleration Program

Move forward, faster.

Support for JD Edwards (JDE) World A9.4 is soon coming to an end. Are you prepared?

Sooner or later, you’ll need to transition from JDE World to EnterpriseOne (E1) 9.2 or another enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Why wait? By planning your migration strategy now, your organization can gain a competitive edge by leveraging all the benefits that migrating to E1 has to offer.

You’re two days away from having a plan of action

Taking stock of your current environment can be a daunting task. Where do you start? What information do you need? How will you find the time? Who will manage the process?

The SenecaGlobal 2-Day Audit

Let SenecaGlobal do it for you. Through a two-day audit of your organization’s current platform, we’ll quickly figure out the current state of your JDE World deployment and determine what’s needed to transition to E1.

Small investment for quick results

The fee for the two-day audit is only $6K.* Plus, if you engage SenecaGlobal to manage your JDE World migration process, we’ll credit the fee to the engagement.

*+ T&E for an in-person session

Get more detailed info about the SenecaGlobal 2-Day Audit

SenecaGlobal 2-Day Audit

After the SenecaGlobal 2-Day Audit, you’ll get a report summarizing your:

Technology Overview

Everything from generated logs to dropped connections to looping routines to electronic software updates (ESUs) and more

Budget Scope

An estimate of what it costs to transition to E1 based on your specific needs and number of users to incorporate into your strategic planning process

Application Usage

Core processes, reasons for migration and even assistance in identifying where you’d like your organization to be in 2–5 years

Going Forward Recommendations

Short- and long-term recommendations for what you can do now to optimize your system and how to kick-start the transition to E1

Top 5 reasons to migrate from World to E1 now

  1. Enhanced user experience features and mobile capabilities
  2. Regular updates that address usability and security
  3. Premier support from Oracle through 2032
  4. Continuous delivery model means you decide when to add new features and functionality
  5. JDE’s digital transformation strategy addresses market changes without added costs or customization

Don’t forget the people factor

In addition to addressing your technology needs, we help you with change management. We ensure that all processes work and that your people are engaged, are trained, feel a sense of ownership for how decisions are made and understand the impact on your business operations.

Why SenecaGlobal?


Team of JDE experts, including global solutions architects and engineering technologists


Proven track record of success


Process-driven methodology based on best practices

mobile phone

Understanding of how to engage end users in the transition process

Waiting is not a strategy

Before you know it, support for JDE World A9.4 will end. Take control of the situation now with a clear understanding of your current state and what it will take to migrate to E1.

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