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Healthcare and Biomedical Services

Driving innovation in healthcare technology.

SenecaGlobal helps accelerate the path from concept to solution for startups and small and mid-sized healthcare companies.

Data interoperability. New regulations. Emerging trends. The rapidly evolving healthcare ecosystem is full of complexities. SenecaGlobal has the expertise you need to bring your ideas to life more quickly.

Discover what we can do for you.

growth engine

Growth Engine

Let us accelerate your return on investment by closing the technical skills gap — so you can scale and innovate faster.

technical expertise

Technical Expertise

Leverage our specialized knowledge in cloud, SaaS, IoT, managed services, software development and ERP — all secure by design.

domain knowledge

Domain Knowledge

Tap into our proven experience to identify market opportunities, reduce risk and develop cost-effective strategies for the healthcare industry.

Data interoperability white paper

This SenecaGlobal white paper explores the barriers to data interoperability in healthcare and offers recommendations for a way forward.

data-interoperability whitepaper

No business can operate successfully as an island. Yet the healthcare industry continues to create roadblocks that make it difficult — if not impossible — to easily share patient data in a semantically normalized manner between care providers, payers and other stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Download the white paper to learn:

  • Why healthcare interoperability is important
  • The factors standing in the way of interoperability
  • How lack of interoperability makes healthcare more expensive
  • Eight ways healthcare organizations can work together to achieve interoperability

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A SenecaGlobal series that explores what’s next in healthcare & biomedical IT

The future is now. Tech and business experts share what they’ve learned while creating innovative solutions that anticipate what’s next.

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SenecaGlobal healthcare & biomedical products and services


Complex Software Development Services

Bring your product requirements to life quickly with high velocity, Agile methodologies and a focus on quality that produces 17x better than industry average results

Managed Services

Rely on our experienced cloud managed services team to run and maintain your product road map, freeing internal staff to focus on the core business

Product Management Services

Translate business plans and vision into product requirements that meet market and regulatory demands

Consumer Usability Research and Testing

Ensure products are consumer-friendly, are easy to use and meet market prerequisites


Interoperability Accelerator

Accelerate the generation of APIs required by the ONC and DHS

  • Integrated consulting
  • Acceleration tools
  • World-class subject matter experts
  • Engineers and architects with interoperability experience

Why partner with SenecaGlobal?

With our full suite of services, hard-to-find technical expertise and stable team with experience in every area of the healthcare ecosystem, we can help you tackle the most complicated transformation challenges.

error free code

Quality you can count on
We get it right the first time with error-free code that is 17x better than the industry average.

superior service

Happiness, delivered
We delight our clients with superior service that produces high customer satisfaction ratings.


Culture of success
We focus on creating a people-first culture where team members are encouraged to innovate and are rewarded for their ideas.

Case studies

Want to see how SenecaGlobal can help your company? Don’t just take our word for it. Read our case studies, and discover how we deliver real-world results for real customers.

man using computer

Grew its market value by effectively managing their IT platforms.

in home assistance

Increased operational efficiency, effectiveness and revenue for end users.

colleagues on computer

Designed and engineered a trial designer portal to define trial persona.

pill capsules illustration

Leveraged services to help support their omnichannel product.

medical items and medicine

Utilized device integration, applications, data ingestion and ongoing support.

doctor at bookshelf
Patient Preferred

Developed a custom-built, online product that establishes a payment program between clinics and patients.


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